Software must do what it's expected tot do. No more and no less. That's exactly what AG4IT is trying to accomplish with its software. In 2015 the first AG4IT-application will be made avaible.


The first application AG4IT will deliver is Simba: the Simple Integration and Message Broker.
Via Simba it's possible to automatically process all kinds of XML-formatted messages.
For instance to extract data filled in webforms and get them into your backoffice application.
In contrast to many other brokerapplications, Simba will be easy to install and use.

Simba distinguishes itself from other brokerapplications by its 90/10 character: 90% functionality, 10% of the usual complexity and costs.

Simba will offer:

  • Minimal hardware requirements; a simple Windows-pc will do.

  • Easy installation; unzip Simba, set a few environment variables and go.

  • Support for multiple inputchannels (webservice, email, files and databasetables).

  • Easy to understand and use MCM-model (“Message, Command, Mapping”).

  • Scripting possibilities for advanced processing.

  • Simple mapping-mechanism to convert XML-data.

  • Low price, no additional costs; free updates within main softwareversion.

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